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                                                           The Hawk Cleaning BucketTM!

                Keep a clean world around you!                                    Fight the germs and win!

90 years after the first kitchen paper towels were introduced, a new and simple Cleaning/Tool bucket is available to help encourage a healthy clean, lifestyle!                                                             


          Use the Hawk Cleaning Bucket, from where it can be stored in a closet, or carry it to

any incident, spill, or project.

          Immediately available up to 200 paper towels pulled from the top center, with four, 32 ounce spray bottles and your favorite cleaning agents at your fingertips.

          Ten quality tools, including two cleaning brushes, or customize to your needs. 

          Fill the four spray bottles with your desired cleaning, disinfecting or waxing agents, etc., and then be ready to instantly use them and a few paper towels from where it is, or take the whole bucket to where needed.  With up to 200 paper towels available, you’re ready for any spill or project.  You can adapt it to a specific work area, project, or station, and refill the paper towels and liquids as necessary.  Then load the 18 stainless steel brackets with whatever cleaning or hand tools you desire, and be ready for almost any situation!

          Construction, Building Trades, Plumbers, Electricians, etc., can easily adapt it to their unique demands.  Load it up with your favorite items and have an easier day at the work site!

          This is not just a cleaning bucket, but an Excellentway Society Lifetime System

          Set it up right once, and good for a lifetime!  It promotes and encourages a quick and easy cleaning response and may quickly become a new friend to your family!  LOL!   

          Perfect for most cleaning and disinfecting duties, carpet or floor spills, daily kitchen

and window cleaning, or for work on the job site, and with a few additional tools always at hand, ready for anything! 

          It is a joy to have such a large quantity of paper towels and spray options available!


          At the office or business, customers just seeing someone approach with this unit

announces your commitment and expertise!  It is an impressive statement about your commitment to safety and hygiene.

          While a paper towel is not sterile, it is quite hygienically clean, when stored properly and kept away from flies, insects, and other contaminates. 

          It also mostly deteriorates cleanly in a landfill and may be made with recycled materials. 

Please do not litter.  Be a friend to the Earth and leave it better and cleaner than when you arrived. 

          Using paper towels limits the further spread of mess or germs and setting up a routine scheduled cleaning keeps your business looking neat and welcoming.

          Quickly responding to a spill or incident helps to keep everybody safe and limits your

liability.  A few tools can keep a small problem from becoming a big one. 

          Load the Hawk Cleaning Bucket on to a cart or keep it safe in a storage area, and be ready for almost any mess, spill, or problem!

          The Earth Is Precious, Keep It Clean And Green!  Love Your Planet!  Be Excellent!

                                                         Keep an ExcellentwayTM!                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

                                            RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT HISTORY:

          Scott Karr, otherwise known as Hawk, had considered how he might improve on items to help clean the apartment of a disabled friend.  He found that the current trays and buckets he was using were just too cumbersome and inadequate for the trip up and down many steps.

          He began experimenting by working backwards from what he really needed. 

          Often while cleaning something, he discovered that there was a need for a tool or

two, to help fix or maintain something.  He thought at the time, if only he had a screwdriver…

          Then too, it seems that he would always run out of paper towels, many times believing he had more than he did!  Strange how that happens!  LOL!

          He also considered that he required at least 4 types of different sprays to clean and

sanitize, wax, and actually complete an excellent job to his standards of excellence!

                                                The Hawk Cleaning Bucket was born!

          It provided 4 easy grab plastic spray bottle holders, each carrying a 32 Ounce Spray

Bottle that surrounded a heavy duty 5 Gallon Red Bucket.  Inside the bucket was a roll of 200

paper towels that were easily dispensed from the top center. 

          Then there were the 18 stainless steel brackets placed around the inside and outside of the bucket.  Great to hold a small set of tools and an assortment of cleaning brushes or other items as desired! 

          So Cool!  An all in one project assistant!

          Just grab and go, lots of paper towels, lots of cleaning sprays, and a few tools inside!


          He had also founded The Excellentway Society and was constantly looking for better and more excellent ways to live and contribute to the world, and found this idea to be an

Excellentway Society Lifetime SystemTM, set it up right once, good for a lifetime!


          We just love this bucket!  We cleared a space for it in a closet and it sits there ready to go.  For a spill or quick cleaning, we just pull a few paper towels, grab the right spray bottle and off we go.   This is an Excellent Way to encourage an instant clean up and fight the germs! 

          When we detail the car it sits outside on the driveway, or on the back seat, and we pull towels and use the spray bottles to clean it to perfection!   

          When we clean windows we use the squeegee and swoop that thing around like we were experts!  The first few windows are fun!  LOL!

          If we find a loose screw, we grab a screwdriver at the ready stored inside, and there you go, good as new!

          It’s like someone got it right.  You always need more paper towels than you think, you have more sprays and cleaners at your fingertips, and having a few tools right there, finishes off an excellent job! 

          Just a great all in one, ready to go, cleaning tool kit, it would be hard to do without now!


                                                        PLEASE CONSIDER YOUR USE:

          Most paper towels are made from the scraps of other operations, not letting a good tree go to waste, and good people have spent an enormous amount of time, money, and energy, to produce this paper towel for you.  Please respect and do not squander their good intentions and the trees from which they were created. 


          Please use it when truly necessary and not in a whimsical fashion.  However, if you pull

too many towels out, please consider making a little room in a clean drawer nearby and putting them in there, kept handy for further re-use, sometime later.

          “Plant something nice!  A wisdom, flowers, or a tree. The Earth and I Thank You!”                                                                                                                                                                          - Hawk


             Paper Towels and Plastic are flammable.  Keep away from heat and flames.  

          We use high quality germ resistant Stainless Steel, Polyethylene, and Clear PVC materials.

          CA residents see  Personally, we believe no significant risk.


                                                                  ACTUAL COMMENTS:


“A wonderful assistant to cleaning or any project!  Ready for any challenge!  Love the

tools with it!  All in one, great for a quick response!”

                                                                                                                   -  S.K. Milwaukee, Wisconsin


                                                HAWK CLEANING BUCKETTM #200 DATA SHEET:

ITEM:                     Hawk Cleaning BucketTM #200 Kit

DESCRIPTION:     A Heavy Duty 5 Gallon Polyethylene Plastic Bucket With Screw Lid, That Holds                                     Up To 200 Paper Towels, 18 Stainless Steel brackets, 4, 32 Ounce Spray Bottle                                     Holders, With 4 Empty, 32 Ounce Spray bottles, And 10 Tools Stored Inside.

                               The Screw Lid Also Has A Glass ViewPort To Be Able To Possibly Determine The                                 Rough Size Of Remaining Paper Towels, When Face Is Held About 3" From The                                 Viewport And The Bucket Is Lighted From The Side Or Top With Ambient                                           Light, Flashlight, Etc.   

                               KIT #200 INCLUDES:

                               1     5 Gallon Heavy Duty Red Bucket With Screw Lid And Viewport

                               4     32 Ounce Plastic Spray Bottles (Empty)

                               4     Stainless Steel Spray Bottle Holders

                               18   Stainless Steel Tool Brackets


                               1     12" Window Squeegee

                               1     Large Cleaning Brush

                               1     Small Cleaning Brush

                               1     Phillips Screwdriver Insulated

                               1     Straight Screwdriver Insulated

                               1     Multibit Screwdriver

                               1     Multibit HexDriver

                               1     Channel Lock Pliers

                               1     Needle Nose Pliers With Wire Cutter

                               1     Adjustable Crescent Wrench


                               1     200 Count Center Pull Paper Towel Roll, Each Paper Towel Is About

                                      10" x 12", Included In Kit.

                               2     White Caps.
                               1     Shoulder Strap.

                               1     Gray Restrainer Nut And Stainless Steel Restrainer Washer. 

                               1     Instruction Manual.

WEIGHT:                About 21 Pounds, Loaded.

SIZE:                       About 20" Long x 14" Deep x 17" High, With Spray Bottles, Shipping Box size is                                 about 20" High x 18" x 16".   

AVAILABILITY:       ASAP, Worldwide Supply Chain Problem In Effect, Stock Goes Quickly, But                                           Ongoing Production Runs.  Call.  Medical/Research Facilities Given Priority.

2023 PRICE:           $950.00 Each Unit, Hawk Cleaning BucketTM #200 Kit

                               Prices Guaranteed To 12/1/2023!

                               11-20 Units @ $945.00 Each Unit. 

                               21 Or More Units, Call For Quote.

OPTIONS:             1.  Hawk Auto Order; 2 Or More Paper Towel Rolls Delivered To You Each Month.

                               Please Call Or Email For Further Information.

                               2.  Customized Bucket Kits Available; Other Colors, Metal ID Tags, Other Tools,                                   Etc.  Call.

                               No Refunds.  No Returns Without Authorized Return Number We May Provide.

RELATED:              Also Consider;

                               1.  The Hawk Cleaning StationTM  #350 Kit, A Permanent 350 Count Paper Towel                                     Dispenser Installed In An Existing Cabinet, For About $275.00.  

                               2.  The Hawk Cleaning StationTM  #400 Kit, A Hawk Cleaning StationTM Installed                                       Inside A Plastic Cabinet With Mounting Bracket, Up To 350 Paper Towels.                                             Mount On A Wall Or Take To Any Incident, Event, Picnic, Etc., For About                                               $600.00. 


SUPPORT:              Here For You!  See Below;

CONTACT:            The Excellentway SocietyTM

                               Hawk @ 414/476.4295


                                                                                                                                        © 2022, 2023 Hawk


So why is this "The Most Important Appliance Of Our Times?"

Because we are in a germ war for our very lives. 

As of 3/2023, over 7 million persons have perished.

Take a moment to remember those beautiful souls and then resolve to win the war!

We are being attacked by small but powerful germs and waves of different types of changing diseases.  Perhaps the Earth is fighting back against our polluting ways or the over-population of the planet.  Perhaps it is a planned attack.  Who Knows?


This item demands that you make a commitment to provide a small space for the purpose of fighting germs, and which then encourages you to instantly and immediately respond to the fight!  Win the war!

The most important appliance of our times includes an attitude that we should and we must be wiser, and more dedicated to the wisdom of being clean!  Clean Everything! Clean All The Time!  Then Enjoy The View!

Once installed, it represents an Excellentway Society Lifetime System(TM).  Set it up right once, good for a lifetime!  An excellent method and appliance to help you win the war on germs and disease, and keep things cleaner and healthier!

Carry On!



                                                                                                                                      © 2022, 2023 Hawk

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